Happy Valentine

14 februari 2012 § 5 reacties

It is two years now since I celebrated what turned out to be my last Valentine’s day with Donald. It was accompanied with a microwave and a cuddly gorilla from Clicks. To be frank with you, I had never been a fervent Valentine’s man. But with Donald there was no escape from this yearly festivity. So that’s one reason to stick to a bit of a Valentine’s mood in which to commemorate the wonderful time I have been together with the one I loved so much. I also know how many of you will still have fond memories of Donald who could celebrate as no one else, Valentine’s day or no Valentine’s day.

Lastly I want to share this day with you, wishing you lots of love and happiness and also expressing my gratitude for the tremendous support I could and still can count on from so many people who knew what a wonderful guy Donald was and how sad his untimely passing away.

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